Downtown Winter Parking Restrictions Go into Effect Downtown Overnight Parking Restrictions

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — The City of Syracuse’s downtown parking restrictions are back for the impending winter.

Fourteen downtown blocks are affected from 10 p.m. until 6 p.m. nightly for the next six months. The restrictions went into effect Tuesday, Nov. 1 and will last until April 1.

“In terms of city operations, November 1, for us is really the beginning of winter,” said Corey Driscoll Dunham, City Chief Operating Officer. “And so that’s when we convert over to our snow operations.”

The narrow, one-way roads of downtown provide challenges for snow plow drivers when the first major storm of the year comes, Dunham said.

“Although I understand that parking restrictions are something that’s never welcome, this really is in the best interest of those who are working and living downtown, to make sure that we can navigate safely,” Dunham said.

Residents and visitors will be required to park on one side of the road or the other, depending on whether the date is odd or even. The side will be delineated by posted road signs.

The full list of blocks affected by the restrictions:

  • 100 & 200 blocks of Erie Boulevard E.
  • 100 & 200 blocks of E. Water Street
  • 100 & 200 blocks of S. Warren Street
  • 300 & 400 blocks of S. Warren Street
  • 300 & 400 blocks of Montgomery Street
  • 100 & 200 blocks of Madison Street
  • 100 & 200 blocks of E. Jefferson Street
  • 100 block of W. Jefferson Street

The posted signs about overnight parking include light blue asterisks and are usually located above “2 HR Parking” signs on the blocks affected.

The Downtown Commission provides parking information on its website and notified residents and businesses about the implementation of the restrictions.

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