Drought Impacts Drumlins Drought Impacts Drumlins

SYRACUSE, N.Y (NCC NEWS) — Spring is usually associated with rainy days, but this May has been dry as a bone. May 2023 is now the 10th driest in total precipitation for Syracuse. This has especially taken a toll on local golf courses.

Drumlins Country Club in Syracuse is currently dealing with the repercussions these weather conditions bring. The staff at Drumlins say this month has taken its toll on the course.

“It’s definitely affecting the course,” said Kianna McCurty, a staff member at Drumlins. “It’s dry, it’s cracked, the grass is not as green as it should be. It looks like a desert out there.”

These course conditions have also affected the way golfers play. 

“You get a little bit more roll with it,” said Patty Barrette, who was out golfing at Drumlins on Thursday. “But the greens are really fast.” 

Yet the drought is not the only thing on players’ minds as temperatures climbed up to a high of 91 degrees on Thursday. 

“The heat is a bit oppressive, especially today,” said Barrette. “I’m not one who is really good with drinking water but I drank two full bottles today.”

An article from Resort at Eagle Point says there are many ways people can stay cool while still enjoying a good round of golf. It says that bringing water, like Barrette, is very important. It also advises people to bring umbrellas, cold towels, wear proper clothing, and take carts. But the most important tip is knowing your limits. Making sure you listen to your body and stop your game if you get overheated. 

As temperatures continue to rise as summer begins, golfers should come prepared with tools to keep cool while still enjoying golf and the escape from Syracuse snow.

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