Dubai Grapples with Worst Flooding in 75 Years as Heavy Rain Submerges City Dubai Grapples with Worst Flooding in 75 Years

(NCC News) – In an unprecedented turn of events, much of Dubai  in the United Arab Emirates has ground to a halt as the region battles a deluge of rain. Videos circulating online depict scenes of airport runways looking like lakes, with planes navigating through swathes of rainwater, while residents abandon their vehicles mid-road in search of safety.

Officials in Dubai have confirmed the recent storm has unleashed the heaviest rainfall ever documented in the country’s 75 years of recorded weather data, a period predating the nation’s formation. This extraordinary weather event has effectively submerged the city under approximately 10 inches of rainfall. To put this into perspective, it’s nearly twice the annual average rainfall for the entire UAE.

Schools have been compelled to transition to remote learning, and numerous businesses have been forced to shut their doors indefinitely.

As cleanup efforts begin and residents strive to regain a sense of normalcy, the city remains on high alert, bracing for any further impact from this extraordinary weather phenomenon.

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