Dunkin’ Announces New Energy Drink with Spring Lineup Dunkin' Announces New Energy Drink with Spring Lineup

SYRACUSE, N.Y. –  Dunkin’ announced new items that will be a part of their spring lineup. The highlight of these is the Spark’d Energy iced drink, that the company said will be fruity and refreshing.

These new drinks will come in two flavors: Berry Burst, which has strawberry and raspberry flavoring, and Peach Sunrise, which has lychee and peach flavoring. Mixed in with vitamins, minerals and caffeine, Dunkin’ said this drink will be a new way for people to get through their day.

“It’s not just another energy drink; it’s a totally new way to run on Dunkin,'” Beth Turenne, Dunkin’s VP of Category Management said.

Image of the new Sparked Energy drink that Dunkin' is offering this spring
Image of the new Sparked Energy drink that Dunkin’ is offering this spring
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The energy drink is not the only new drink Dunkin’ is releasing this spring. Cinnamon is spicing up coffee options with a Churro Latte and a Cinnamon Vanilla Coffee. Pairing with these drinks is a Churro Donut, a combination of two dessert favorites.

Dunkin’ is releasing new food items with a Breakfast Empanada and Banana Chocolate Chip Bread.  With February 23 being National Banana Bread Day, Dunkin is providing rewards members with 250 bonus points if they try the Banana Chocolate Chip Bread.

Dunkin’ noted other rewards going out to rewards members for the spring season.

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