Dwindling Support in CNY Amid Middle East Conflict Dwindling Support Amid Conflict

Syracuse, N.Y. (NCC News) — It’s been nearly six months since the initial Hamas attack on Israel, and the toll of the conflict continues to escalate, with casualties mounting into the tens of thousands in Gaza. A recent Pew poll indicates a growing sense of conflict and waning interest among Americans, a sentiment echoed even in Central New York, where support seems to be dwindling.

In downtown Syracuse, where there were nine rallies scheduled in October alone, only one was held last month. This decline in public engagement is troubling to many, including current Israeli Defense Forces soldier, Ofek Livni, who voiced his concerns in a recent interview.

“I know there are good people in the government over there, in the army and the Pentagon for sure, in the C.I.A. and F.B.I., we can hear you,” Livni expressed. “They say they are team Israel, but the government doesn’t speak this way at the moment.”

Livni, who narrowly escaped the initial invasion during a musical festival on October 7, feels the support from the United States is faltering as the conflict goes on. Despite recent agreements between Israel and the U.S. on preliminary operations, but real action will not happen over night.

As the U.S. faces a looming federal election, officials are proceeding cautiously. According to recent polls, only 36% of Americans express support for their military backing of Israel. However, a full half of Americans strongly support providing humanitarian aid to Gaza, indicating a complex and multifaceted view on the conflict.

Livni himself understands the sentiment, stating simply, “No one wins in war.”

As the conflict persists and casualties continue to rise, concerns grow over the diminishing support for both sides of the Israeli-Hamas conflict. With voices like Livni’s speaking out, it remains to be seen how governments and citizens alike will navigate this challenging and fraught situation.

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