Early Black Friday Deals Begin the Holiday Season Early Black Friday Deals Begin the Holiday Season

Retailers roll out deals early to help combat national supply chain issues.

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – Once the clock struck midnight on Nov. 1, the holiday season had officially begun.

Or at least, that’s what many retailers across Central New York have decided.

Each year, Black Friday deals seem to get earlier and earlier, but as national supply chain issues, labor shortages and inventory problems continue to plague the country, it may just be a sign of relief to many consumers.

“Usually I don’t look this early, but I know it’s like been difficult like for me, when I look for myself,” said Samantha Maguire, an online shopper. “Things are like coming out of stock and everything, with no date of them coming back in stock, so I’m trying to get things done a little bit earlier this year.”

Maguire isn’t the only one with this idea.

With Thanksgiving three and a half weeks away, Walmart has already rolled out deals on select electronics,  and will extend the savings to other electronics and toys, Wednesday at 7 p.m. EST online and Friday at 5 a.m. EST in stores. These prices will be the lowest of the season.

Amazon unveiled “Early Black Friday Deals” on Monday, featuring up to 40% off Bose headphones and Fitbit products and 30% off select smart televisions. Best Buy too, has rolled out deals, including guaranteeing My Best Buy members a refund of the difference if the price of whatever item you buy goes lower,  as per the Best Buy website.

Taking a similar approach, Target has begun unveiling weekly deals under the name, “Holiday Best”, sporting sales like, 50% perfect of select kitchen appliances and savings up to $60 for Apple products. Just like Best Buy, Target includes a holiday price match guarantee, stating if prices of an item go lower before Christmas Eve, they’ll match it.

A main factor to starting shopping early is to fight longer shipping times thanks to the bottle neck at American ports on the West Coast and the shortage of truck drivers to ship goods out to warehouses across the country.

Another factor: “To save money,” said Emily Ortega, an online shopper.

Low supplies, rising costs and consumer anxiety are all the reason to get your holiday shopping done early so you can enjoy the special season with family and friends.

And to save yourself from a headache too.

Black Friday is Nov. 26 this year.


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