Early Snow Affecting Turkey Season For Local Farmers Early Snow Affecting Turkey Season For Local Farmers

MANLIUS, N.Y. (NCC News) — Snow in November is nothing new for CNY residents. Two years ago, the first snow of the year came on November 7, just like this year. But early snow has different impacts for different people. Take Goose Green Farms’ Farmer Melvin. He says he has already sold hundreds of turkeys to local markets but the snow throws off his plans just a bit. He says he wishes he could send out more, but right now, his focus is on getting his water running again.

One of his buyers, Sidehill Farmers, is doing quite well this turkey season. General Manger Richard Laws says they’ve sold out of all of the turkeys they’ve bought from Melvin, and they want to buy even more. “I wish I did have a lot more turkeys,” Laws says. “I bet you I could sell another 150, 200 turkeys, but we’re just unable to we’re just limited on what we get.”

The snow poses a problem for both the farm and the market. Laws wants more turkeys, but Melvin isn’t currently in the best position to sell more. However, although the snow poses a small problem Farmer Melvin is happy for the cold whether because the turkeys will have more “delicious fat”.

The cold weather and snow is a regular thing for Central New Yorkers, so this is nothing new for Richard Laws. His business will still be okay, and he says he is hopeful that Sidehill will get more turkeys to sell during this turkey season.

Winter may have arrived a bit early, but turkeys still most be sold. Farmer Melvin says he will do whatever needs to be done to get more turkeys out to local markets as soon as possible.




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