Early Voting In Onondaga County Continues Early Voting In Onondaga County Continues

People Head To The Polls To Vote For Candidates In This Years Local Elections

Syracuse N.Y. (NCC News)- Early voting in Onondaga County continues for this years election cycle.

Voters are taking to the polls to vote in local elections in Onondaga County this year. In a highly anticipated race for County executive, “a little more busier than last year,” said one elections site volunteer.

Early voting is a practice that has been growing in popularity throughout the country in recent years.

“Early voting is something that  is used throughout the country.” Elections Commisioner for Onondaaga County Dustin Czarny said, “I think were now over 40 to 45 states that have some form of early voting. New York joined that coalition in 2019 after a long fight for that.”

New York approved early voting in 2019 and it has become a popular practice for many throughout the state and country. Voter participation however traditionally goes down in local election only years, something that seems to be a bit different this year.

“So we have our ten early voting sites, there processing voters we’ve had over 4000 people vote in the first three days, were running about 50 percent ahead of where we were the last local elections 2019 and 2021 so that’s great,” Said Czarny.

This year in Onondaga County voters will vote on two statewide resolutions and multiple local elections. The two most notable local elections are for the position of Onondaga County Executive, where Republican incumbent Ryan McMahon is seeking a second term and is being challenge by Onondaga Representative, Democrat Bill Kinne. As well as the race for Onondaga District Attorney where it is a three way race and Republican Incumbent William Fitzpatrick is seeking another term.

If you wish to vote early you can go to the Onondaga county website at ongov.net/elections to find out where your polling place is. If you want to see if you are registered to vote in New York State you can go to elections.ny.gov for more information on how to register or if you already registered.

If you are outside of the county during the early voting prediction and election day, you can also fill out an absentee ballot as well.

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