East Syracuse Parks and Recreation Hosts Weekly Summer Concert Night for Community East Syracuse Parks and Recreation Hosts Weekly Concert Night for Community

Residents of all ages came out on Tuesday to Ellis Field Park for an East Syracuse Parks and Recreation Concert Night.
21-year-old Brendan Cooper came along with his mother to enjoy the atmosphere.

” I think the food’s good, the music’s good. I’ve never heard this band before. Seems like a nice event, a lot of people here.”

A lot of preparation goes into organizing these events.
Recreation Director Tom Richardson said these concert nights started at the end of June.

” Every year… I get the bands and we schedule them on Tuesday nights. We’ve been doing it probably, 25 years. Brings out the community, lot of fun.”

The local band scheduled for the event was the duo known as “PG Unplugged”.
Members Shawn Plourde and EJ Gridley appreciated the opportunity to perform.

” It’s just a good time overall, we like it. We’re fortunate that they keep bringing us back for it, so it’s nice for us, too.”


The last Concert Night will be held next Tuesday in Ellis Field Park.
In East Syracuse, Isabel Flores, N-C-C News.

SYRACUSE, N.Y.– The East Syracuse Parks and Recreation Department hosted their second-to-last weekly concert night on Tuesday.

The event took place in Ellis Field Park and encouraged residents of all ages to enjoy food and music.

Recreation Director Tom Richardson says the goal of these events is to bring the community together.

“You can see all the different people playing. Kids, adults, seniors, they’re all coming out and enjoying food, music and having a good time” said Richardson.

Each Tuesday, since the end of June, the department has hosted a themed concert night for residents to enjoy.

This Tuesday’s theme was Hawaiian Night.

Staff offered food such as Hawaiian sandwiches, Hawaiian pizza and even Hawaiian meatballs to bring the theme to life.

Guests said that the prices were cheap and the food was good.

Local resident Brendan Connor agreed that the atmosphere was relaxed with good food and music.

“Just kind of a nice vibe, you know? People around here seem pretty nice” said Connor.

It was Connor’s first time attending an event hosted by the Parks and Recreation Department, and he said he would like to come to another in the future.

The relaxing energy was accentuated by the music being played by the chosen band “PG Unplugged”.

The local band consists of members Shawn Plourde and EJ Gridley.

The duo was thankful for the opportunity to perform.

“Overall, the vibe is a family atmosphere… It’s just a good time overall” said Plourde.

Plourde is a local of the village, so he is familiar with the events that take place in the community.

“It’s definitely a relaxed atmosphere, people were clapping after each song which is great. We love that” said Gridley.

The duo has played at several of these events, and they hope to play at more.


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