Exhale Cafe & Bakeshop is Coming to Syracuse Exhale Cafe & Bakeshop is Coming to Syracuse

Kennedy Houston: The café is opening a shop in partnership with the food truck Petite Nosh in Syracuse. The owner Maria Rotella wants the shop to be a brunch space that sells baked goods. Head Barista Micky DiCamillo says the partnership will add a new twist.

Micky DiCamillo: I think we want to get more of a sit down vibe more people coming in and eating actual like not just sweet stuff like Abbey said but actual food.

Houston: The new location will be based in the Eastwood area of Syracuse. They’re hoping the new space will allow them to produce more treats. DiCamillo says the move will offer new opportunities.

DiCamillo: Eastwood area opens up even more customers to come in and sorta see what Exhale is all about.

Houston: Baker Abbey Karlik says this partnership will help the shop experiment with new recipes. The café will open this August. Kennedy Houston, N-C-C News.

SYRACUSE, N.Y.(NCC News)–  Exhale Café & Bakeshop will be bringing their services to the Eastwood area of Syracuse.

The café was once based in Township five of Camillus. After two years of business, Maria Rotella decided to close the location permanently. Abbey Karlik, Baker at Exhale Cafe, says it was time for a change.

” She loves the Camillus area too, but it will be cool to try a new experience and hopefully gain some new customers”Karlik said.

While the staff are excited about the new location, they are also looking forward to a new partnership. The new location will be a collaboration between the food truck Petite Nosh and the cafe. The goal is to create a sit down space where people can enjoy brunch and fresh baked goods.

“We’re looking forward to selling hopefully more bread like items. Rolls, more cinnamon rolls and with Petite Nosh joining us a lot more breakfast items-breakfast sandwiches” Karlik said.

Although the partnership is exciting, it is not new. Exhale Cafe joined Petite Nosh on the road to provide treats to Central New Yorkers these past few months. Micky DiCamillo, Head Barista at Exhale Cafe, says the food truck has been a great experience.

“Its been a lot more fun than I think we expected it to,” DiCamillo said,”There’s a really big and really kind food truck community in Syracuse…”.

Though the store will be a collaboration between two brands the priority is to have it feel like a haven.

“We really want Exhale to be a safe space as well as a business and I think that’s very important to Maria and her employees as well” DiCamillo said.

Exhale Cafe & Bakeshop will open its doors August, 2022.

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