Exhibit and Tour Share History of Cayuga County Breweries Walking Tour Shares History of Breweries in Cayuga County

Reporter Tim Charvat: At the Cayuga Museum of History and Art, the Proof Positive exhibit shows the history of breweries in Cayuga County.
Executive Director Kirsten Gosch says a major take away from the exhibit is that all the breweries work together.

Gosch: I think the collaborative spirit I think is definitely unique to Cayuga County, and I think it’s really special.

Reporter: Part of the exhibit is touring all the local breweries to see firsthand the process of brewing spirits.

Gosch: And it will just kind of be. A nice way to kind of get outside, learn a little bit about the history. But also, enjoy some craft beer at the end.

Reporter The tour is Sunday from noon to five, beginning at the Centreport Aqueduct. Tickets are available on Cayuga museum dot org for 10 dollars. Members get a discount. Timothy Charvat, N-C-C News.

SYRACUSE, N.Y (NCC News)– The Cayuga Museum of History and Art has an exhibit focusing on the history of the local wine, beer, and spirits of Cayuga County, and it is taking to the streets this Sunday.

From the Prohibition era to today, the Proof Positive exhibit shows how far the local breweries have come in one hundred years. This is the first time the Cayuga Museum has displayed the exhibit in ten years.

“Breweries were kind of just starting to come up. But there’s been so many changes in the last decade as far as brewing, and especially spirits go. So, we just thought it would be fun to look at where we’ve come in the last ten years as far as the current market,” said Kirsten Gosch, Executive Director of the Cayuga Museum.

Part of the exhibit is to take tourists around to the local breweries and show them just how each factory makes their products. The tours will end with everyone enjoying a beer and music.

Gosch says that these tours will be continuing through the rest of the year, including the Locks Talks and Bocks event at the Centreport Aqueduct this Sunday. The Museum will also be partnering with the Erie Canal Museum in September, for an event called History Happy Hour, to show the history of Cayuga County’s local breweries.

“We kind of just wanted to do something to get people outside and we’ll just kind of have them walk. It will be about two to three miles round trip from some of the walk in Port Byron to Weedsport,” Gosch explained. Then we’ll kind of do a little talk about the history of brewing with the Eric Canal.”

Locks, Talks and Bocks will run from noon to 5 p.m. Tickets are available at cayugamuseum.org.

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