Experience Movie Night Like Never Before at the Haunted Movie Theater Experience Movie Night Like Never Before at the Haunted Movie Theater

SYRACUSE, N.Y. — A hidden gem turns movie night into a hauntingly good experience. A ​haunted movie theater in ​Cicero is back for its ​third annual walk-through experience. This garage-turned-spooky attraction captivated both ​trick-or-treaters and their ​parents.

No movie theater experience is complete without treats and snacks, and the Haunted Movie Theater doesn’t disappoint. After getting your tickets, head straight to the concession stand to enjoy popcorn, candy and even hot chocolate to keep you warm.

Operated by the creative minds of Robin and Shawn Kozma, the Haunted Movie Theater is not your typical cinema experience. Instead, it offers a walk-through haunted attraction that will leave you feeling like you’re part of a horror film.

The Kozmas have been working on this eerie transformation for the past two weeks, and their dedication is evident in the attention to detail. In past years, the theme has revolved around a haunted house, but this year, the Kozmas have taken a different approach with their haunted movie theater.

“Part of us says okay this is our grand finale we’re not doing this anymore, and then we go but wait who are we kidding of course we are,” said Robin Kozma.

The theme may change from year to year, but one thing remains constant – the Kozmas’ commitment to providing a truly unique Halloween experience. They continue to seek ways to outdo themselves. And next year, they’re planning to introduce a pirate ship theme, promising even more thrills and surprises.

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