Farmers Anticipate a Busy Summer A Summer of Anticipation for Farmers

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – As the time warms up and people begin to come outdoors, they’ll be greeted with the scenic view of leaves growing on trees in their different colors. For farmers and people who shop at local farms or the farmers market, they will be looking to take advantage of the limited time for their favorite crops.

Dave Vollmer owns Vollmer Farm where he sells crops during the summer months when nature allows him to do so. During the winter months, he prepares and cultivates his crops on his farm which has over 20 greenhouses to get him ready for the summer rush of yearning shoppers.

He describes this time of year as “nerve-wrecking.”

Though the summer weather fills him with great pride, he is weary of the weather and its sheer unpredictability.

“You’re just so dependent on weather,” Vollmer said. “Yeah. really the biggest thing. It’s just pressure because it’s your, you know, it’s your livelihood and you need a product to put out to sell.”

For local shoppers however, the warm weather spells excitement for their personal hobbies and longing for fruits that can be cultivated from this weather. After months of farmers markets and local farms being closed, the anticipation is great. The summer marks a beginning of a new chapter in the year.

Margaret McCormack began her warm weather tour with some crops at Vollmer Farm and will continue being a familiar face.

“I’m starting with flowers, and I’ll keep track on other things that grow throughout the season and be stopping here regularly,” said McCormack.

For other’s, shopping at the farm is a family bonding experience that rolls back the years. Mother and son, Carolyn and John Smith are frequent customers. The summertime is a season of upliftment.

“There’s something about, you know, catches your eye and lift your spirits,” said John.

“I love flowers. I never could have too much,” Carolyn added.

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