February 12th: What’s new on NCC News? February 12th: What's new on NCC News?

Hello everyone and welcome to the NCC News podcast, I’m Aodhán Doyle. And I’m Meghan O’Brien. We have a lot ahead today on NCC News, but first, for all of you traveling out there today we have Georgi Volturo with the weather. So, right now it’s 2:30 and the current temperature is 20 degrees, but the feels like is seven degrees because of that nasty wintery mix we have outside. As the day progresses though, the snow will start to change to sleet and freezing rain, even worse than right now, which could wreak havoc on the roads. This will change to rain tonight, but tomorrow we’ll get a little bit of a break from that sleet and that freezing rain, but it will be windy and there will be some snow showers. Hopefully, by Thursday we get a little bit of a break from the precipitation. For your full five-day forecast and for more on the effect on your commute today, go to NCC News online. Thanks Georgi, and speaking of the weather, the Department of Public Works in Syracuse has a plan to work on snow removal, but first the DPW warns drivers to watch where they’re parking. Yeah, and as Georgi said, we have a lot of snow coming down today, so this is going to be an ongoing issue in the next couple months, um, with the university and as well as the city. So, Javier Romero will have that full story later today on NCC News online. So, Syracuse city is looking to improve our drinking water. Mayor Walsh requested twelve million dollars from New York State to help avoid contamination of harmful algae in Skaneateles Lake. This has been a huge problem, not only for Syracuse, which gets their water from Skaneateles Lake, but the Central New York region as a whole. The algae bloom, which this initiative is designed to prevent, first appeared in 2017 and came back last summer. So, this is, again, a twelve-million-dollar attempt to prevent that from potentially contaminating or affecting the region’s drinking water moving forward. And finally, NCC News reporter Gabriela Knutson spoke with Syracuse University Student Association President Ghufran Salih about the recent assault on Ackerman Avenue. Salih said the attack was racially charged.

“This was something that hurt people. Not just physically and not just someone being assaulted, but someone being called the “n word,” which is much deeper.”

All those stories, and more, are coming up at 4 and 4:45 here on NCC News. Check back in on NCC News online, though, for today’s top stories. We’ll be back next week with another edition of the NCC News podcast. For now, though, I’m Aodhán Doyle and I’m Meghan O’Brien.

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