Fifth Generation Niece of Harriet Tubman Speaks on Her Life Fifth Generation Niece of Harriet Tubman Speaks on Her Life

A look in the life of Harriet Tubman from the eyes of one of her descendants

FLEMING, NY (NCC News) – Harriet Tubman is known for being many different things, conductor of the Underground Railroad, a nurse and a spy. One thing many people seem to overlook about her is the life she lived behind the scenes of her notable titles.

Michele Jones Galvin, descendant of Harriet Tubman who co-authored Beyond the Underground: Aunt Harriet Moses of Her People with her mother said the book was to give readers an inside look into who Harriet Tubman, the person , was.

“She was a woman she was a wife, she was a daughter, and a sibling,” Jones Galvin said.


Joyce Stokes Jones
Michele Jones Galvin’s mother Joyce Stokes Jones.
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Jones Galvin who is a coins herself a descendant biographer said her aunt’s stories  that aren’t publicized have a home in the book.

Jones Galvin said education is a must, and that her aunt would want children of every race and background to know that it’s very important to embrace going to school.

“Education is key, it shouldn’t be looked as something that you’re forced to do. Education is the key to understanding the world around you,” Jones Galvin said.

Kimberly Szewczyk, Park Ranger for The Harriet Tubman Home said the city of Auburn has many historical sites that are dedicated to Tubman.

Szewczyk also said, it’s important for family members of influential people to tell the stories that have been passed down from generation to generation, because there is always a value to knowing the personal side of public figures.

“Each one is very unique and different relationship with Harriet Tubman so by relatives telling their stories we get a richer more broad view of Harriet Tubman and who she was,” Szewczyk said.

With the new movie “Harriet” coming to theaters Nov. 1, Szewczyk said she expects more visitors to come to the museum within the next few weeks.

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