Fireworks Continue to Disturb Residents After July 4 Holiday Fireworks Continue to Disturb Residents After July 4 Holiday

The Fourth of July holiday was celebrated with people shooting off fireworks nationwide, but although the holiday has passed, that has not stopped everyone from continuing to set off fireworks into this week.

Residents in Syracuse have once again been complaining this year about the use of illegal fireworks in the city. The noises are not only disruptive at night, but are also a danger, causing potential house fires, as well as being very traumatic for veterans with PTSD, small children, and pets.

Syracuse resident Dan O’Connor has been extremely displeased with the amount of fireworks being shot off this year.

“It’s just sort of perplexing, sometimes in my schedule, during my daily business when I just start hearing these fireworks randomly. They’re really close by, they’re really far away, I’m not sure what it is. It’s just a little bit disruptive,” O’Connor said.

While the majority of the fireworks that were shot off occurred over the weekend to celebrate the Independence Day, residents noted fireworks being shot off in the days leading up to the holiday weekend as well. That noise has continued on into this week. Although the amount of fireworks being shot off has died down since the holiday weekend, residents in the area believe many of the fireworks being used now are leftover fireworks from the weekend that people don’t want to have to store.

The Syracuse Police Department is very aware of the issue, and has been taking extra steps to combat the usage of illegal fireworks in the area. After receiving thousands of complaints last year, Syracuse police have seen the number of calls complaining about fireworks drop this year by nearly 1,000. They have also established a task force specifically designed for calls related to fireworks and to seize and curtail the usage of fireworks in the area.

Even with all that, O’Connor still believes the amount of fireworks usage this year has been over the top.

He suggested that timeframes should be used when fireworks are allowed to be shot off during the holidays so that residents can be more prepared for them,. But ultimately he wishes he did not have to deal with them at all outside of the Fourth of July holiday.

“I wish they would just stop,” O’Connor said.

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