Food Truck Fundraiser at Onondaga Community College Food Truck Fundraiser at Onondaga Community College

"Food Truck Frenzy" takes place Thursday afternoon in OCC's parking lot

JOHNNY GADAMOWITZ: Onondaga Community College is hosting a “Food Truck Frenzy” on its campus this afternoon. The main campus lot will be filled up and down with trucks selling food.

ROGER MIRABITO: We’ve got five vendors coming, all with distinctly different kinds of foods.

GADAMOWITZ: The frenzy is one of many fundraisers the college is holding to help out some of its underprivileged students amidst the pandemic. As OCC’s director of communications Roger Mirabito puts it,

MIRABITO: Our students here have very unique needs. 80% of our students work 30 hours a week or more. A sizable number of our students don’t have wifi where they live. When they come to campus, that’s where they have access to wifi. Same thing with laptop computers.

GADAMOWITZ: The college has a goal of raising one hundred thousand dollars. Mirabito hopes that they will hit that mark today. Johnny Gadamowitz, N-C-C News.

Syracuse, N.Y. (NCC News) — Thursday, Oct. 22, Onondaga Community College will hold a “Food Truck Frenzy.” The college’s parking lot will be lined with food trucks for the students and broader community. OCC’s Director of Communications Roger Mirabito said food trucks provide the perfect opportunity to raise money.

“The OCC foundation came up with the idea of having food trucks up here before winter comes,” Mirabito said. “Hey, it’s something great to get out and do in the fresh air, a lot of different types of food.”

The Frenzy is one of many fundraisers the college is holding as a part of OCC’s “Lazer Response Fund,” which was created to help out enrolled students with severe financial hardships during the pandemic.

“So many of the students are in service industry jobs, and they were hardest hit when much of the economy went down,” Mirabito said. “We created the fund as a way for people to help students with emergency needs.”

Mirabito is thrilled with the results that these fundraisers have produced.

“Our fundraising goal was $100,000, and we are very close to achieving that,” Mirabito said.

Mirabito is hopeful that their goal was reached through Thursday’s “Food Truck Frenzy.”

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