Four New County Early Voting Sites to Open Saturday Four New Onondaga County Early Voting Sites to Open Saturday

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — In-person voting in Onondaga County for the 2022 midterm elections opens Saturday with early voting.

The County Board of Elections is staging 10 early voting sites this year, up from six in previous years.

“The New York State legislature decided to expand early voting, from the one site for every 50,000 voters that they used to have,” said Dustin Czarny, County Board of Elections Commissioner. “We saw really long lines in 2020, so to get ready for federal years, they’ve decided to do one for every 30,000 voters.”

The four new sites are at Beauchamp Branch Library in Syracuse, Lysander Town Hall, North Syracuse Community Center, and Onondaga Community College’s Mulroy Hall. The full schedule and list of voting sites is available here.

The sites may lessen crowds prior to and on the Nov. 8 Election Day, Czarny said.

“I think it will reduce lines, in case of a large turnout, because people will be dispersed into different areas,” Czarny said.

Early voting centers closer to a specific neighborhood also tends to increase early voter turnout in that area, Czarny said.

The 2022 election also marks a Congressional redistricting year in New York State. Onondaga County is now in the 22nd Congressional district.

A competitive Congressional race between Francis Conole (D) and Brandon Williams (R), as well as a competitive governor race between Kathy Hochul (D) and Lee Zeldin (R), may contribute to a strong 2022 voter turnout, Czarny said.

“Absentees are already higher than what we saw in 2018,” Czarny said. “All of the polling and other states that have started early voting, have seen records numbers of early voting for a midterm year, rivaling a presidential year and in some cases, surpassing 2020.”

New York State voters can check their voter registration status here. Registered voters do not need to bring anything to early unless they received a letter from the Board of Elections requiring identification as a first-time voter.

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