Franklin Graham at the Amp, Abortion Tension Rises Franklin Graham at the Amp, Abortion Tension Rises

Graham to Speak at the Amp, Abortion Tensions Looming

By Daniel Booth SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) On Thursday, May 30, at 7:30 pm, the Syracuse Amphitheater will be filled with thousands of people who love to hear Pastor Franklin Graham speak and worship God. Graham is traveling to Syracuse at a time when abortion laws have been under fire all across the country. Within the last month, numerous southern state like Alabama, Georgia, and Mississippi have created laws banning abortions, and in some cases making it illegal for women to travel to other states to get one.

Abortion has always been a divisive and controversial topic. The Planned Parenthood on East Genesee Street in Syracuse has anti-abortion protesters stationed outside it’s building on a daily basis. A protester named Gary Dunlap says he is excited for Pastor Franklin Graham to speak at the Amp.

“I think it’s awesome because the gospel would be preached to many thousands of people, and there’s just no better blessing than to see something like this take place”,  said Dunlap. “Whether it’s the Amp or the Carrier Dome, or any venue such as that, that can host an evangelist who’s explain the gospel to the people.”

Graham’s presence at the Amp is worrisome to many because the topic of abortion is likely to come up tomorrow night during his speech. Graham said he would stay away from politics and only talk about God, but it’s going to be difficult for him to discuss one, without at least touching upon the other.

Dunlap says he believes the controversial nature over abortions is much deeper than politics.

“It’s not about you know women’s rights, it’s not about a Republican or Democrat, or the conservative or liberal paradigm, it’s about the most essential thing we have, which is life,” said Dunlap.

Many believe there’s a chance protesters will gather at the Amp before, during, and after Pastor Franklin Graham’s event Thursday night.

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