Free Tuition: Yay or Nay? Free Tuition: Yay or Nay?

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — This weekend is parents weekend at Syracuse University.

That means families flooding Marshall Street and the promenade for a couple days. However, in between Varsity lunch and SU Football, I had to ask some important questions.

Given the nature of this year’s presidential race, and some candidates advocating for free college tuition in the future, I saw a perfect opportunity to get some opinions from SU parents.

Syracuse is on of the more expensive universities in the country, costing nearly 75,000 dollars a year.

One SU parent says that for a university like this, it’s worth it. “I think it’s a sacrifice to go to a college, a university like this,” he said. “You should be prepared as a parent, to save for your children.”

Another SU parent says tuition allows universities to distinguish themselves in a way. “I’m not sure I agree with free tuition for everyone, because every university can be different and be able to fund things the way they see fit.”

There are varying opinions on free tuition all around the country. Not everyone agrees, but not everyone disagrees. As for whether not free tuition will actually become a reality, is up to our nation’s leaders. Regardless, the price tag for Syracuse University, most likely won’t be dropping anytime soon.

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