Gas Prices Are On The Rise Again And The Burden Is Being Felt Gas Prices Are Once Again On The Rise

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — If you have a gas-powered vehicle, you will want to close your eyes for this one. This week marks another price increase at the pump in Central New York.

After experiencing a brief window of reprieve toward the end of the summer, gas prices in New York State are beginning to steadily climb over the past month.

This reality has a real-life impact. A construction worker, Mike DePaulo, is among many who are feeling the burden.

“The money on this gas should be for my children, it should be for my food, I got rent, I got electricity to pay,” said DePaulo.

DePaulo is worried that the burden will become too much and continue for too long. Gas station employees, such as Kyle Brame, are hearing the discontent from their customers.

“Either they’re worried they’re not going to be able to fill it up or they’re worried that is just like costing too much overall,” said Brame.

Not only are the people he serves feeling annoyed by the extra cost, but Brame must do his job differently as a result. Somebody is responsible for changing the magnetic numbers that show gas costs, and it is usually him.

“The last time I worked I changed them at the beginning of my shift and I actually had to change them at the end of my shift cause it went up like 3 cents or 4 cents,” said Brame.

Expert opinion is mixed on when the United States will start to feel sustained easing at the pump. At least in Central New York, it is clear that prognoses of a fall recovery have not yet come to fruition.


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