Geddes Firefighters Show Community Bond Geddes Firefighters Show Community

GEDDES, N.Y. — The Fairmount Volunteer Fire Department begins its 2018 book and coupon sale this week—the yearly sale benefits the brigade’s retired fighters. The department says it makes an effort to ingrain itself in the Geddes community.

“We’re letting —especially little kids—know not to be afraid of us if anything happens,” volunteer firefighter Lukas Patchen said. “And to get us out there so everybody sees that we get to do fun things sometimes, not all serious.”

The book sale is one of many events the department takes part in. Fairmount hosts open houses for people to ride in fire trucks, monthly barbecues, on Halloween, a detail to entertain trick-or-treaters and more.

“They welcome the West Genny band when they come back,” said the department’s administrative assistant, Susie Mazzone. “When there’s an event going on, they represent the Fire Department there.”

Patchen believes the department’s most important role is to be the community’s “protector,” and also recognizes the camaraderie amongst the volunteer firefighters.

“It’s definitely a family,” Patchen said. “You hear people always say that it’s a brotherhood, but it really is very close.”

Fairmount has 46 active members in the force, about 30 retirees that are classified as “life members” and more than 200 that have “come and gone,” Mazzone said.

All participate in community events, although the current book sale benefits those who have retired.

The coupon books are on sale throughout the month at the Fairmont Firehouse on West Genessee Street in Geddes.


BOARDMAN: Today, the station sells books and coupons to raise money for retired fighters. Volunteer Lukas Patchen says its important for the department to have a role in the community, from last night’s Halloween detail to today’s book sale.

PATCHEN: “We’re letting — especially little kids — know not to be afraid of us if anything happens and to get us out there so everybody sees that we get to do fun things sometimes, not all serious.”

BOARDMAN: Fairmount has nearly 50 active firefighters. But the fundraiser supports the 200-plus volunteers that are now retired. All take part in community events, including today’s book sale, says Administrative Assistant Susie Mazonne.

MAZZONE: “They welcome the West Genny band when they come back. When there’s an event going on, they represented the Fire Department there.”

BOARDMAN: Books will be sold at the firehouse on West Genesee Street through the end of the month. Cooper Boardman, NCC News.

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