Golf Season Brings New Excitement to Central New York Golf Season Brings New Excitement to CNY

Drumlins Country Club's playing numbers have continued to increase since COVID

REPORTER: Well, Nick, Spring is here in Central New York, and that means golf season is in full swing. Drumlins Country Club Head Golf Professional Sean Dadey says 2022 looks promising for his club.

Dadey: “But the West Course, the public play, has gone through the roof. We’re at a great price point for the public. It’s repeat business. The students have been coming out a little bit more than we’ve tracked the past couple of years. It’s been great.”

REPORTER: During the COVID-19 pandemic, plenty of S-U students have developed a passion for golf. Junior John Eads says that despite some long waits, the pros outweigh the cons.

Eads: “It’s great. The same kind of experience would cost like 30 dollars back home so to be able to just go, play golf for free is spectacular. No complaints about that.”

REPORTER: Especially after the Masters last weekend, expect the love for golf in C-N-Y to stay high. Reporting live from Drumlins Country Club, Ethan Frank, N-C-C News

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — With temperatures creeping into the 60’s and 70’s, golfers are starting to head out onto Central New York’s courses in 2022. After three months of winter hibernation, Drumlins Country Club is ready to start its golf season.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, many people have taken a liking to golf as an outdoor activity that made it easy to socially distance. Drumlins Head Golf Professional Sean Dadey said there were a lot of lessons taken away from the initial rush of people playing more golf during the pandemic.

“It’s an uptick in sales with more people getting into the game. Push-cart sales went through the roof because more people walked because of safety procedures with golf carts. It was an overall increase in play,” Dadey said.

It’s not just the public that played more golf, but Syracuse University students took advantage of Drumlins’ student deals. By presenting your student I.D. at the pro shop, students can walk the course for free, or pay $20 to use a cart.

Junior John Eads said that despite some long waits on the course, the pros outweigh the cons.

“It’s great. The same kind of experience would cost like 30 dollars back home so to be able to just go, and play golf for free is spectacular. No complaints about that,” Eads said.

The second weekend in April marks the Masters Tournament every year, and Dadey said that helps the club attract more members and players each season.

“People are coming over to the club, seeing what’s new, seeing what’s fresh. With Tiger playing everyone was a buzz. It’s definitely a buzz around,” Dadey said.

But, the Masters is not the only way to get players on the course. Dadey added that programs for young players are helping grow the game of golf as well in Central New York.

“Growing the game of golf on a local level means you go after junior golfers. We run a PGA junior golf league which is for beginners. It’s mimicked around Little League [Baseball]. So, we’ll play other clubs and if you’re at Drumlins we have a team that’s not only open just for our members but more importantly for the public,” Dadey said.

Golf season is just beginning, and Dadey and the rest of his staff at Drumlins are ready for the post-Masters rush, and what lies ahead in 2022.


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