Gyms Reopen with New COVID-19 Protocol Gyms Reopen with New COVID-19 Protocol

Gyms have the option to reopen at limited capacity.

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – Most gyms in central New York have been reopened for about three weeks now, but with different protocol due to COVID-19.

Governor Cuomo gave the okay for gyms to reopen starting August 24 and some still may not be open. But for personal

a photo of a sign that says "fearless fitness personal training"
Fearless Fitness stayed open through quarantine.
© 1986 Natalie Fahmy

trainers like Jennifer Johnson their work continued through quarantine.

As sole proprietor and sole employee I was allowed to stay open if I chose so I did,” Johnson said.

Johnson, who is the owner and personal trainer at Fearless Fitness, said she had about half a dozen clients who wanted to keep coming in through quarantine, but it was not business as usual.

“It doesn’t mean that it was still easy, I mean  I lost a lot of hours, I lost a lot of wages,” she said.

For Johnson, it is up to client discretion whether or not masks are worn. But Johnson said she makes sure she keeps a distance from the people she is training and sanitize the equipment they use.

“There’s a lot more pointing at stuff now, but I’m never really up in anyone’s face for a period of time,” Johnson said.

Going to small gyms with one-on-one training is an option, but if you plan on doing your own work out at a large public gym, there are some things to keep in mind. Lea Johnson, General Manager at Powerhouse Gym, said they have strict protocol.

“Their mask really has to be over their nose and mouth the whole time they’re in the club, to maintain social distance for individuals and we always remind them to wipe their equipment,” she said.

a photo of someone working out
Gyms like Powerhouse reopened, but with strict new rules.
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Lea Johnson said in order to fulfill government guidelines, they had to shorten their hours and decrease to 33 percent capacity, which only allows 70 people in the gym at a time.

“We have to have all of our hours staffed so we have someone taking temperatures of all of the members as they came in, make sure they scan in for capacity counting and contacting tracing,” Lea Johnson said.

Assuming infection rates stay low in Central New York, gyms like powerhouse right behind me can stay open with stringent sanitation, social distancing and mask guidelines. They also must pass a COVID-19 inspection at anytime.

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