Here Are Some Fun Ways To Spend Winter Break At The MOST Having Some Fun And Some New Knowledges During The Winter Break

MOST is opened all February Winter Break

Anchor (Ashley): It’s the time for February break, and if you are a parent looking for some good options to keep your kids busy, our reporter Yoki Tang Join us Live In Studio to tell you some popular attractions in a special event for both Kids and Parents. Yoki?

YOKI: If you wanna something to do with your family and children during the February winter break, the Museum of Science and Technology in Armory Square has fully prepared each one’s arriving. The MOST hosts plentiful new events, activities also exhibitions for different people.

Yoki : February Break is the time to take a rest and prepare for the coming busy schedule in a year. The MOST is offering number of activities for the Central New Yorker in the February. Not only few new exhibits waiting children to explore, also including Dino bingo, mineral gallery, even the energy game to help children learning the energy issue. A MOST Visitor Elena Williams says the MOST is their first choice event during the break.

Elena Williams

Yoki: If parents looking for something to do with the kids for Winter Break, now they have an option in Syracuse. Whatever you are a child, or an adult; also whatever your are a student , a teacher, or an engineer. You can always find your own fun at The MOST.

Yoki: According to Stephanie Herbert, the Director of Marketing at MOST, the winter break made MOST pretty busy due to number of exciting activities for families to come. Stephanie told me the practical learning is what MOST doing now for each kid during their visiting and people also could have accessibility to hand on science learning.

Stephanie Herbert: “Contextualize science education is something that we value, which means that you’re supplementing your classroom learning with something hands on the MOST. But learning that it’s a possibility is what we try to reinforce that you can do anything that you want to and when you come to the museum, then we provide that for you.”

Yoki: MOST is open all Week for February Break and has special hours with new exhibits and activities toward giving kids an educational experience.  For N-C-C News, I am Yoki Tang, back to you guys.

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – Syracuse’s Museum of Science and Technology in Armory Square, or MOST, is using their interesting exhibitions and galleries for attracting families to visit during the February break. Children can learn under a “STEM” designed environment, but also have some activities to do during the break.

The whole event includes but is not limited to “Dinosaur bingo,” “Mineral gallery,”  “Media lab” would provide as much fun as to the local citizen and children.

Most was open all week to accommodate for school break which provided a good choice for parents with their winter break plan.

“I haven’t been here since COVID. “Elena Williams, a MOST visitor said.  And I brought my two daughters with me and it’s amazing.”

In MOST, children of all ages can find things to do, even adults.

“We have so much fun with the most there’s so many things for them to do,” Williams continued. “They love the rock-climbing wall, and all the exhibits in the in the playing in the building so much fun.”

Especially in a cold winter, MOST was popular than other outdoor activities.

“It’s very cold outside and so we’re trying to avoid the cold and so this is the perfect place for them to learn and keep their brains stimulated while still having fun,” Williams said.

‘Playing is one important process of Learning’, that’s what MOST believe; “Our mission is to provide informal science learning experiences that are fun, exciting,” Stephanie Herbert, the Director of Marketing at MOST said.

Children can learn as much as practical knowledge compared to the classroom at the MOST.


“So, you are not necessarily getting the same education in a classroom that you are when you stepped through the museum doors here, you’re able to experience hands on STEM exploration that you might not otherwise anywhere else,” Herbert  said.

According to Herbert, MOST was making sure that when families come here, people of all ages are learning and growing together and possibly making a career out of STEM.

Any of those activities that when you come here and do them can provide a steppingstone for a career in STEM, or even just an appreciation for STEM,” Herbert said. “Because bottom line, not every kid is going to go into a STEM career, which is fine.”

MOST wanted to provide the invaluable tool — ‘Scientific Learning Environment’ for the community to grow STEM careers, also support Syracuse City School students.

From Herbert, MOST was having its busiest week during the year, families can visit them again because there are so many new and improved exhibits since the holidays.

“You can come and spend the whole day here, I would recommend carving out about three hours at least, to walk through each exhibit.” Herbert said.

MOST is open all week for school break. Also has prepared different topics like “dinosaurs;” “telecommunications;” “civil engineering machines and makers;” and everything in between. For more information: events & activities, are on their website.

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