Homeowners In Cicero Will Lose Land Because Of I-81 Project Homeowners In Cicero Will Lose Land Because Of I-81 Project

Syracuse. N.Y. (NCC NEWS) – Gary Radford moved into his home in 1985. He and his wife purchased the property after their wedding and created a backyard that their family would love.

“We knew the highway was going to be there but we felt that it wouldn’t be a distraction to us,” said Radford.

The Radfords are beekeepers and they have about a dozen hives in their backyard. They produce honey and sell it to the public. They also created a garden and over the years they have a hard apple, cherry, and peach trees.

Radford says he planted 150 Norwegian spruce trees that would grow to about 40 feet tall to create a sound barrier between the interstate and his home.

With the future community grid coming behind his property, Radford knows that those trees must come down.

“My question is how do they know till the highway is built what is the noise level going to be,” Radford said.

Radford says he would like the state to build an actual sound barrier wall between the new interstate and the homes, but he isn’t too sure if they will do it.

“I feel like they know a lot more about the project then they’re letting on at this point,” said Radford.

Radford says there are a lot of things that he and his neighbors are unsure about because the state has not communicated with them about the future of their properties.

“Public projects for the greater good of the society they can come and take your land legally … sometimes you have to bite the bullet and go for the greater good of society,” said Radford.

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