House Haunting Couple Work Together To Make This Attraction House Haunting Couple Work Together To Make This Attraction

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – It is October and spooky activities are in full effect. 13th Hour Rising, a haunted attraction in Fulton, New York, is having their opening weekend this weekend. Participants can enjoy a high-action horror hayride and interactive maze.

The owners of this 30-year-old attraction are a couple who met through their love for haunted houses. Fred Mellini and Teresa Eggert began house haunting in their early 20s. They eventually and now own one of the most popular haunted attractions in the area.

“Our backstory is a little funny,” said Mellini. “We didn’t even know each other. She was a home haunter and I was a home haunter. I had a haunted house in Seneca Falls and she had one here. Then we ended up at Sterling, New York doing Screamers’ Hollow.”

Mellini and Eggert say preparing for 13th Hour Rising is basically an all-year around effort to make sure people get the best experience possible.

“After closing, we get through Christmas,” said Mellini. “Then we’re sitting down with pads and paper designing, researching, and talking. Physically we come out here in May an start preparing.”

Mellini makes all the masks seen in the haunted experience. From possessed nuns to scary clowns, Mellini’s detailed masks make you feel as if the horror characters were real.  Eggert said that what makes them different from other haunted attractions is it is a two-person creation.

“My husband and I create everything you see here,” said Eggert. “… No one that we know of does this, makes all the monsters and creates the entire show. From training, staffing, makeup, special effects, the costumes, the monsters, and the animation. The whole thing is two people making this entire business.”

The couple advise people not to bring young children because 13th Hour Rising is high-action and high-startle. Military personnel get the hayride experience for half the price and students will be charged half price as well for the first weekend.

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