How American Farmers are Dealing with Coronavirus How American Farmers Are Dealing with the Coronavirus

 SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – Coronavirus is escalating as a global issue. Recently, it’s spread to Singapore and Italy, and Central New York is beginning to feel the residual effects. Syracuse University responded to the coronavirus by canceling its study abroad program in Florence and issuing guidelines for students who may be exposed to coronavirus.

The effects of the disease haven’t just been felt by students. The New York Farm Show took place on Thursday, Feb. 28 and NCC News took the opportunity to ask farmers from around the country how coronavirus was impacting their business. NCC’s Michael Furnari found mixed results. Some vendors were cavalier about the potential impacts of the disease, they thought that no disease could ever impact sales of machinery.

Farmers whose businesses relied on livestock or produce were much more concerned. Farmers around the country have already seen an impact because commerce in China has almost entirely shut down, and China was projected for $14 billion in agricultural purchases this year.

New York dairy farmer Chris Gingerich said that the coronavirus has already impacted his business.

It already has affected milk prices which obviously affects us,” said Gingerich. “Anything major like that happening can affect the prices we get for our product and we’re already not doing that great to start with.”

It remains to be seen how long the outbreak will last or how many other countries will be impacted directly but should the outbreak spread, reduced international spending could have a big impact on American farmers, including those here in Central New York.

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