How Local Businesses are Preparing for the Summer How Businesses Near Syracuse University Are Preparing for the Summer

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – As students get ready to depart for the summer, local businesses are handed the difficult task of keeping their business going. One such business is J Michael Shoes on Marshall Street. J Michael manager Erik Hicks said it’s all about preparation.

“Well, it makes it very quiet on most days,” Hicks said. “But then we use the time to get some projects done, things we typically cannot get done when the students are here. ”

Some of the projects include painting and cleaning the store. However, Hicks said he would rather maintain the same level of revenue that J Michael gets throughout the school year.

“We are not looking forward to it,” Hicks said. “We didn’t really have a spring, so it kind of stinks that you guys weren’t really here for any good weather you know, but we’ll miss you and we’ll see y’all in August.”

So yes, local businesses around the Syracuse area are expecting to lose revenue over the summer months. Owner of Peaks Coffee Company Kelsey Bender not only has to deal with that, but also losing employees.

“We kind of just pick up more hours, I mean we are in a position where we don’t really need to hire another person to replace those hours,” Bender said. “But, the worst part is just that we miss them. They go home for the summer and we miss their presence here.”

Peaks is located at the 505 on Walnut, which serves as off-campus housing for Syracuse University students. While it might be calmer during the summer, Bender said it is not detrimental to business.

“We are fortunate we have a lot of community members who come out especially in the summer because I think they know that there are not as many students so we are not as busy,” Bender said.

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