How One Syracuse Football Player Overcame Adversity How One Syracuse Football Player Overcame Adversity

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — As a child, Aaron Bolinsky was forced to overcome one of his biggest obstacles he will ever face. When Aaron was just 7 months old, he was diagnosed with infantile spasm disorder, a rare seizure disease with unknown causes. Aaron’s mother, Allie Bolinsky, first noticed the symptoms when it looked as if he was trying to say “yes,” but rather was having small seizures in his high chair.

Allie took matters into her own hands, as she knew this was not normal, and began taking videos as proof for future doctors appointments.

Aaron was immediately diagnosed with infantile spasm disorder and began steroid injections in his leg following the diagnosis. Very soon after the injections, the seizures had subsided, but Aaron continued with these steroid injections up until his first birthday.

“Just seeing like what some kids go through like how it can lead to potential death that it’s just truly a miracle and a blessing to be able to be here and play at the division one school like Syracuse,” said Aaron Bolinsky.

While the situation could have had a much more dire outcome, Aaron found that he was able to overcome the disease to live out his dream of playing football at the division one level.

Aaron Bolinsky is now the starting long snapper for the Syracuse football team. You can check out the schedule here to see when you can watch Aaron on the field next season with the Syracuse football team.

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