Hypnotherapy Can Help Some Individuals With Addictions and Illnesses Hypnotherapy Can Help Some Individuals With Addictions and Illnesses

Click play to learn about how one individual has been impacted by Hynotherapy. 

Audio Transcript: Hypnotherapy 

By Ally Bovarnick Syracuse, N.Y. (NCC News)- Hypnotherapy can be used to help treat many different illnesses and addictions. From anxiety, weight loss, smoke cessation, and everything in between more and more Americans are turning to alternative modalities such as hypnotherapy to cure what ails them.

For Secretary, Sallie Guyger Hypnotherapy has changed her life in a way she didn’t imagine.

“I wanted to be able to live because I felt like I was going down and I was having many strokes,”  said Guyger.

Because of Guyger’s strokes, she said her body is not functioning like it used to, and the Hypnosis helps that.

“It’s helped to relax my hormones, calm my nerves and allow my body to function the way it’s supposed to,” said Guyger.

Hypnotherapist and Owner of “Alternative Hypnosis” Joshua Kernie, explains that Hypnotherapy is most of us walking around in a trance state and that the key is to unlearn behaviors.


“So, what we actually do here is Unhypnotize people, but coming out of that trance is actually coming out of the trance that you’ve been walking around in for years,” said Kernie.

Hypnotherapy is not for everyone, however for Guyger it has made a positive  impact on her life.

“It’s kept me on track, if I go off the path I know how to get back on it,” said Guyger.



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