Inaugural Gaming Convention is Held in Syracuse Inaugural Gaming Convention is Held in Syracuse.

CuseCon invites gamers of all ages to play tabletop games.

Maria Trivelpiece: A convention for complex board games kicked off today. The inaugural CuseCon brought together gamers from local and international venues to partake in competitions. Organizer and of the event, Michael Guigliano says it was time for this event to happen in Syracuse.

Michael Guigliano: I felt like this needed to happen. Especially, in this age of board gaming where so many games are coming out. It’s becoming more popular than it was before. So, I’m in this community trying to foster a better board
game community.

Maria Trivelpiece: Attendees can check out games from the convention’s extensive library, speak with designers, and purchase from different
vendors. Guigliano says he hopes the event will encourage more people to get involved.

Michael Guigliano: If they have any idea of what a board game
is come here and experience it for themselves because their idea might, what it
is, might shock them.

Maria Trivelpiece: Local high school students came out to CuseCon today to hear from industry professionals. They hope this event shows students the connections tabletop games create that eSports can’t.

Jonathan Gilmour: I think the biggest takeaway from modern board gaming is the sense of community and the sense of spending time with other people. It’s something that video games never gave
to me, even in playing video games online.

Michael Guigliano: Board games are completely different now.
It’s rich, they’re story-driven, they’re fun,
there’s something for everyone. And, in a
place like this, a convention like this gives
them the opportunity to see what it’s all about.

Maria Trivelpiece: The event is open to all ages and will
continue until Sunday. There are games for
advanced attendees and some for beginners.
For N-C-C News, I’m Maria Trivelpiece.

By Maria Trivelpiece SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC NEWS) – In a world where eSports have become so popular, a few local Syracuse residents decided they would invite the community to some old-fashioned board games. Except, the games were not as dated as one might have assumed. The inaugural CuseCon gaming convention kicked off on Thursday at the Ramada Carrier Circle showcasing some of the most popular tabletop games of the present day.

The organizer of the event, Michael Guigliano, said, “Board games are completely different now.”

His event alone boasted a library over 1,000 games that attendees could choose from. There were also vendors showcasing and selling their latest versions of games. Guigliano said these new games are, “story-driven and fun.”

CuseCon as a whole aimed to introduce the people of Syracuse to board games while simultaneously inviting outside gamers. Creator and game designer, Jonathan Gilmour, said modern board-gaming brings, “a sense of community.”

Local high school students attended the event as well. They had the opportunity to speak with industry professionals about the art of game-designing. Gilmour said it was exciting to see the next generation so interested in game and game design.

The event will continue through Sunday. CuseCon is one of many tabletop gaming events throughout the country. Some reach attendance levels as high as 80,000.


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