Installation of New Parking Meters May Ease Frustrations Among Syracuse Motorists Installation of new parking meters may ease frustrations

(Brooke Dehn)
Motorists around the city have shared the same frustrations with parking meters for quite a while. Ericka is a Syracuse motorist and says that she is tired of getting tickets because of problems with parking meters.

“Half the time they don’t work and I end up getting tickets. They are horrible and were paying too much to park here”

But the frustration felt by many Syracuse motorists may be coming to an end soon with the installation of several new parking meters around the city. Rich Brinklow is a city worker installing new meters on the cities south-east side.

“They’ll all be up and running soon. We got 75 we’re about to put in before the end of the year.”

The city hopes to install one-hundred-fifty meters in total by the end of next year, bringing relief to Syracuse motorists. Brooke Dehn, N-C-C News.

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — For years, Syracuse natives have had frequent complaints about the city’s parking meters. Motorists may finally be facing some relief as the city begins the installation of 75 new parking meters, which will replace the old, broken and unreliable meters.

“They’ll all be up and running soon,” said Rich Brinklow, a city worker who is installing new parking meters on the south-east side. “We got 75 we’re about to put in before the end of the year.”

Brinklow explained that the new meters cannot be installed during the winter months due to the weather conditions.



City residents are hopeful that the installation of the new parking meters will resolve the challenges they face when it comes to parking in Syracuse. One resident had just one word to describe the current parking meters in Syracuse; horrible.

Ericka, a motorist in Syracuse thinks the new parking meters will be effective in easing the frustration of those parking in the city. “Half the time they don’t work and I end up getting tickets,” Ericka said.

Due to the approaching winter and supply chain issues, the city will not be able to install as many parking meters as expected at this time. 75 meters are expected to be installed within the next two weeks, and a hopeful 150 by the end of the year.


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