Is Syracuse America’s Worst City for Dating? Is Syracuse America's Worst City for Dating?

City of Syracuse consistently ranks in the top 10 worst cities for dating

If you feel like single life in the City of Syracuse is tough, you’re not alone. 

An ApartmentList ranking puts the city in the top 10 worst for dating throughout the past couple of years, topping the chart in 2018. Syracuse stayed near the top until the site stopped publishing in 2022. 

This is not the only Northeast city facing a dating satisfaction issue. According to a spokesperson for ApartmentList, Northeasterns generally score lower on satisfaction scales due to the economy and weather, and that extends to the dating scene

In general, ApartmentList says men tend to be more satisfied with the dating scene than women, except in tech hubs, where women report being more satisfied.

Anchor: Now if you were single this past Valentine’s day, you were not alone.
A ranking from 108 to 2022 on the worst dating cities, published by Apartment List, shows Syracuse did not rank well. During every year of the study’s publication, Syracuse was ranked in the top ten, which includes finding itself at number one in 2018. One of the major factors was that it was tough to meet people. Although the city could be seen as a college town with the university, there’s still plenty of people for people to go out and meet others. However, it will take some effort.
Connor Burkhart: I would just get into the community, you know, there’s the YMCA you can get into, running, yoga… There’s stuff to do, you just have to look out for it.
Anchor: Now trying to date may be difficult but as the saying goes, good things come to those who wait.

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