Israel and Hamas Express Interest In Extending Truce Israel and Hamas Express Interest In Extending Truce

But there are some difficulties potentially in the way

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — It’s the fourth day of the truce between Israel and Hamas, but it may not be the last. Both sides have expressed a willingness to extend the truce by two days.

Despite a willingness from both sides to extend the truce, some difficulties will need to be overcome.

More than 40 of the roughly 240 hostages taken into custody during the October 7 attack on Israel are, or were, being held by groups other than Hamas. The truce requirement only requires Hamas to release hostages.

Additionally, an extended truce may present some strategical problems for both sides. According to CNN, Israel’s ultimate goal of the war is to destroy Hamas- an extended truth makes doing that more difficult. As for Hamas, CNN says its only real leverage over Israel is the holding of hostages.

Hamas has released 58 hostages since the truce began on Friday, while Israel has freed 117 Palestinian prisoners.

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