Japan Continues to Feel the Effects of Typhoon Hagibis Typhoon Hagibis: Death Toll in Japan Rises

The death toll in Japan climbs as the country continues to feel the effects of Typhoon Hagibis. The typhoon hit the east asian island chain this past Saturday and caused the flooding of over two hundred rivers.

As of Monday, more than thirty thousand people continued to be housed in shelters. The typhoon has left almost thirty-five thousand  homes without power, and over ten thousand without running water.

The Fire and Disaster Management Agency stated that nearly ten thousand homes have been flooded across Japan. Shinzo Abe’s, the Prime Minster of Japan, office said that the storm brought “record-setting heavy rains and windstorms.”

Areas in Nagano and Fukushima were hit particularly hard. The two cities are located in the west of Japan’s main island.

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