Local Community Traumas Can Effect One’s Mental Health Community Traumas Effects Mental Health

D’Andre Henderson (Reporter):

Society often sees the scene of the crime, victims of the violence, and the long lasting effects of trauma in the community. Director of Clinical Services Tracey Reichert Schimpff says there is a connection between violence in the community and the behaviors that follow.

Tracey Reichert Schimpff:

“The mentality that I have to do something or to survive in order to get through a situation or in my life make sense so responses, actions, behaviors that has to deal with survival makes sense.”

D’Andre Henderson:

Schimpff says Falk College provides people with the tools to make changes in order to work through their trauma by letting them know to always push forward.

Tracey Reichert Schimpff:

“There something that happens and we become survivors so we may be exposed to things that are traumatic and we have to learn how to survive in them.”

D’Andre Henderson:

Syracuse University’s Counseling and Therapy Services are located on E. Genesee St. in downtown Syracuse…D’Andre Henderson N-C-C News.

By D’Andre Henderson SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News)  In a community where trauma is prominent and tied straight to violence and poverty, counseling services are needed.

Falk College at Syracuse University offers free and confidential mental health services ran by doctoral students year-round.

Director of Clinical Services Tracey Reichert Schimpff said not just Syracuse residents and students are allowed to use their services.

“The reason we’re off campus is because we have a free-standing clinic, as a part of our department and its free services for anyone…anywhere so for the larger portion of Central New York,” Schimpff said.

She said getting help during difficult times can sometimes come as a challenge.

She’s trying to erase the stigma that goes hand and hand with therapy.

“It’s recognizing that, that is an issue…naming it, and making it be accessible and safe and trustworthy… while building collaborative relationships,” she said.

While understanding that everyone doesn’t grieve in the same way, Schimpff said, relatability is key to breaking down walls.

“Outside of coming from the university, no one is going to trust me or think that I know what I’m doing, but if I have a partner that’s in the community and a part of an organization that is trust worthy, that might be a way to break down some of those barriers,” Schimpff said.

Services are offered to those who are young and old, and from all different background and walks of life. All come with the common goal of restructuring their minds about the different traumas they have encountered within their communities.

Falk College Counseling and Therapy Services are located on 601 E. Genesee Street in Peck Hall in Downtown Syracuse. For more information call 315-443-3023.

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