Local Day Care Celebrates Fire Prevention Week St. Vincent De Paul Celebrates Fire Prevention Week

St. Vincent De Paul Day Care gets a visit from friends in the big red truck.

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News)A local day care had a visit from some heroes without their capes this morning.

The Syracuse Fire Department went to St. Vincent De Paul Day Care where they spent some time with the students as a part of this year’s National Fire Prevention Week.

“Not all heroes wear a cape, plan and practice your escape” is the theme this year for the annual week dedicated to fire safety. This year, the theme encouraged students to create a two-minute escape plan for their families. 

According to the National Fire Protection Agency, families have two minutes or less after a fire alarm sounds to safely evacuate. 

Two, three and four-year-old’s from the day care have been practicing fire safety all week. One of those practices being the stop, drop, and roll.

Syracuse firefighter Tom Howard encourages learning fire safety practices at a young age.

“You got to start from the moment they start talking,” Howard said. “You can get it in their head and they understand that 911 is your friend and not to be afraid of the firemen if they ever have to come to the house.”

Students were also able to take a tour of the firetruck. In addition to the “stop, drop and roll” practice, the children were also told the “Close the door before you doze” rule. Keeping a door closed during a fire can reduce the spread of a fire, according to Captain Dace Ellis, “It’s amazing how much a closed door can stop toxic gases and smoke, and fire from traveling throughout the home.”

The National Fire Prevention Week is the longest nation-wide public health observed event in history, according to The National Fire Protection Agency.

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