Local Diaper Bank Steps Up Amid Nationwide Baby Formula Shortage Local Diaper Bank Steps Up Amid Nationwide Baby Formula Shortage

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (N.C.C. News) — Baby formula is getting harder to find across the United States. The nationwide baby formula shortage left 40% of the top-selling baby formula products out of stock, according to Datasembly, leaving families without one of the essential products for new parents.

CNY Diaper Bank, an organization that provides CNY families with access to supplies like diapers, baby formula, and other needs for babies and toddlers, is also affected by the shortage. Founder Michela Hugo said this is something she did not see coming.

“It’s a crisis that is very difficult for a lot of us to imagine, and it is a choice no one should have to make,” said Hugo.

Once an emergency resource for families in need, CNY Diaper Bank no longer can provide formula without supply.

“It just impacts families in poverty that much more, and it is that much more difficult for them, and we’re in a tough position right now because we’re experiencing the shortage as well…so we don’t have shelves full of formula to distribute,” Hugo said.

Instead, CNY Diaper Bank is stepping up their diaper supply which is not affected by any shortages, to help families in any way they can.

“When families receive diapers, they tell us they’re able to buy more food. They’re able to pay a bill. They’re able to pay for transportation costs, so we know it impacts financially for families,” Hugo said.

President Biden invoked the Defense Production Act to speed up baby formula production and authorized flights to import supplies from overseas. Which, Hugo said, is a sign of hope that will bring the formula to her partners for her to distribute to families who need it.


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