Local Egg Prices See An Uptick Despite Absence of Bird Flu Local Egg Prices See An Uptick Despite Absence of Bird Flu

Some farmers say rising grain prices are the cause of increase in egg prices

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – Rising grain feed prices for farmers are causing a spike in egg prices for some local restaurants.

Chicken farmer Beth Southwick says that’s because of an uptick in diesel prices increasing the cost for farmers to harvest their crops with tractors. Despite the CDC reporting 27 million cases of bird flu in poultry birds across the country, Southwick says the disease has not reached Onondaga County yet.

Sona Barletta, the owner of Teall Avenue diner Carl’s Kountry Kitchen, has seen her supplier increase egg prices by around 138% over the past three months.

“When you keep increasing the prices [of eggs] week after week after week, we can’t [do the same,” said Barletta. “We’re stuck eating whatever it is they give to us.”

But some farmers aren’t in a much different boat.

Southwick, the owner of the Treasures of Joy Farm in Nedrow, had her grain supplier tell her a price increase is coming next time she buys feed for her chickens. She’s expecting a jump of 36 cents per pound.

“I think [this is happening] across the board,” said Southwick. “We are looking at other suppliers to see if we can bring costs down, but I think we’re going to find the same thing.”

Southwick’s farm is small, which may be a reason she hasn’t seen price increases on grain yet. Other farms contacted for this story who did not want to be included did say their grain prices have already been steadily climbing.

Even though the bird flu isn’t in Onondaga County yet, other factors such as rising grain and diesel prices are still driving the egg market up – Southwick says that means if the bird flu hits, local eggs could see an even more significant jump.

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