Local Environmental Groups in Central New York See the Impact of the Extinction Rebellion Protest Local Environmental Groups in Central New York See the Impact of Protests

Jenna Elique, SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – Extinction Rebellion is an environmental group that has gained national and international attention for its civil disobedience style of protests. 

Environmental groups in the Central New York area said the influence of the worldwide climate change demonstrations are visible. 

Climate Change Awareness and Action member Pete Wirth said the recent demonstrations help start the conversation in communities. 

“The news media follows it and it’s important. The more we talk about climate change the more people start to think ‘What is it? What does it mean for me locally?'” said Wirth.

Other climate change advocates notice the impact of the demonstrations but are not sure how effective they will be. 

Mainstream Green President Dana Johnston said sometimes these protests can distract from the main message of climate change.

“A lot of people have a reaction to a demonstration rather than an understanding of the purpose of what they are trying to do so in that event they might want to find us,” said Johnston. 

Both these groups focus on how they can create initiatives locally to help the larger climate change movement.


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