Local Naloxone Advocate Apparently Overdoses Local Naloxone Advocate Apparently Overdoses

Kevin Donovan, 40, dies of an apparent drug overdose

Kevin Donovan’s loved ones say he was clean for two years before apparently relapsing last weekend. His death adds to the tally of fatal opioid overdoses in Onondaga County, which has the most in Central New York. But he isn’t just a statistic. Donovan’s influence was felt state-wide while training others in the overdose reversal drug naloxone. His doctor, and friend, Laura Martin fears this can have a ripple effect in the community.

“What I worry about is that people will look at him and say, ‘If he can’t do it, how can I ever?’” Martin said.

Donovan was recently laid off from his position with local non-profit ACR Health. Martin says that led to a two-week tailspin. He didn’t return her calls, and she says he eventually used just once.

“We figured he’d get to us. We would see him pretty soon,” Martin said. “Everybody gets to the point in their lives where things hit them. Addicts are great at hiding things if they don’t want you to see their insides right yet.”

Martin says Donovan’s naloxone trainees have already volunteered to take over for him.

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