Local Organization Set To Hold Community Tree Planting Event Local Organization Set To Hold Tree Planting Event at Schiller Park.

Onondaga Earth Corps will hold a tree planting event this Saturday.

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – A local organization is set to host an event that will benefit a Syracuse park.

Onondaga Earth Corps will hold their Community Tree Planting event this Saturday at Schiller Park. The event will combine employees and local volunteers as they work together to revive parks in Onondaga County. Program Coordinator Kate Abel mentioned that they have had this date on their calendar for a long time.

“This Saturday, we will be planting upwards of five hundred different plant species at Schiller Park,” Abel said. “It’s our community-wide event that we’ve been planning like since the beginning of the fall season.”

Schiller Park is home to many different plant species and the goal of the event is to remove the unwanted ones and replace them with those that are native to the Syracuse area. Able suggested that one main species, or a monoculture, could affect the environment in a negative way.

“And when that happens, you lose a lot of like the biodiversity and wildlife habitat and a lot of like the benefits of the trees and the plants and stuff in the park,” Abel said.

Onondaga Earth Corps emphasizes the impact that their volunteers have on each of their projects. For volunteer Kathleen Walker, she mentioned that the new trees could help the future of Schiller Park.

“We know that the environment is so important and that we had a lot of invasive species here,” Walker said. “So, I know we were cutting down some trees and I helped them plant those trees there so you can always see the fruits of your labor.”

The event will be held at Schiller Park on Saturday from 9:30 a.m. until 1p.m.

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