Local Stylists Give Free Haircuts and Coats to Homeless People Local Stylists Give Free Haircuts to Homeless People

SYRACUSE, N.Y.(NCC News)  The Syracuse Mutual Aid brought the salon and closet to Clinton Square on Monday to give free haircuts and coats to homeless people.

Founders of Syracuse Mutual Aid, hairdressers Dani Tanner and Ashley Rewakowski, wanted to donate their services to the underserved homeless population.

They only started the foundation a few weeks ago, so they are thrilled with how the event turned out.

“Initially, it was going to be just her and I with a lawnmower battery doing haircuts,” Tanner said.

However, with the help of the community, local businesses and their coworkers, the two stylists were able to throw together an event to help homeless people in the midst of a pandemic.

“Everyone feels better when their hair is done. You do, I do, she does. And a lot of these people get ignored and feel invisible,” Tanner said. “I think doing something simple like can really change how someone feels about themselves.”

The pair also worked with the local Syracuse community to provide winter jackets for homeless people. After getting a haircut, the attendees got to pick out a jacket of their choice.

Joan, a resident of Syracuse who is currently staying at the Mission, was very appreciative of Syracuse Mutual Aid.

“It feels awesome,” she said. “You don’t even know.”

With the help of the local Starbucks and Pita Dream in Armory Square, the foundation was able to feed homeless people as well.

When Tanner and Rewakowski approached Chef Nas Saada at Pita Dream, they said he was very eager to help.

“I want to help the community, especially during this time,” Saada said.

As temperatures start dip, especially in Central New York, the luxury of a winter coat is a necessity. Syracuse Mutual Aid will continue to host their winter clothing drive throughout the end of November.

You can drop off clothes at Evan Michaels Salon or at Marisa’s Fortress of Beauty.

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