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Syracuse Common Council Discusses Police Defense Tactics Training For Recruits

ANC: NCC’s Meghan Fitzpatrick is live at the Common Council Study Session where an additional training session for police instructors and recruits will be discussed.

Fitzpatrick: Darrin Carroll is leading the training session at the Syracuse Regional Police Academy. He is a certified martial arts instructor and he will teach recruit and instructors about new defense tactics. Common Councilor Thompson said that many of these police officers have not been punched before so this will prepare new officers for a situation where they have to defend themselves. Councilors will vote on this Monday. Meghan Fitzpatrick N-C-C News.

Syracuse, N.Y. — People slowly found their seats and quieted down as Common Council President Helen Hudson began the  study session Monday. After Hudson opened the session, Councilor Steven Thompson’s items were first to be up for discussion.

The council discussed the approval of a four-day training session about defense tactics for the Syracuse Regional Police Academy. The training is for the recruits at the basic academy, which will include recruits from other municipalities.

Councilor Joseph Carni asked Chief of Police Frank Fowler if the city would be reimbursed for paying for this training. Because there is not a system in place that allows Syracuse to receive payment for the academy’s training, they are not able to be reimbursed, according to Fowler.

The police recruits and the police instructors would be trained by a local certified martial arts instructor, Darin Carroll. Carroll has taught defense tactics to the Department of Police in the past and has been certified by USA Boxing Authority.

Thompson, chairperson of the Public Safety Committee, said that many officers in training have never been punched before and this training will help them prepare for a situation where they need to defend themselves.

“Police don’t get paid to fight,” Thompson said. “People don’t realize when police officers can and can’t use force.”

The training would happen in mid-November. Common Council is scheduled to vote on the approval during its regular meeting on Monday.

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