Mask Requirements Lifted as Vaccines Become Mandatory at Syracuse University Mask Requirements Lifted, Vaccines Become Mandatory

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) Syracuse University announced on Tuesday that students and faculty are required to be fully vaccinated, unless exempt from the vaccine due to a medical or religious reason, effective June 1.

The announcement arrived via email from Vice Chancellor Michael Haynie to the entire SU community.

In the email, Haynie urged students to submit vaccine documentation or an exemption request through the Student Patient Portal as soon as possible.

The vaccine requirement comes a week after SU announced those who are fully vaccinated no longer have to wear masks.

Many people who are fully vaccinated are opting to ditch the mask.

“Now we can breathe fresh air,” said Sujey Bhat, a first-year student who recently arrived on campus.

Bhat is in favor of the new vaccine requirement and believes it will help restore normalcy.

“I think the new policy is for the betterment of the students and the university as a whole,” said Bhat.

Others believe SU is overstepping with the new vaccine requirement.

“Don’t make me wear a mask and don’t make me get vaccinated. I’m a human, I can make the best choices for myself while keeping everyone else in mind,” said one student. “I understand that the science that happens behind them is very well researched, but there are no long-term studies,” he added.

Bhat disagrees and says it’s important to take advantage of the vaccine supply in the United States.

“I would tell them the situation in other countries, like I’m from India, so people are dying there. I would tell them it is not for you, it is for everyone. It is for everyone’s betterment,” Bhat said.


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