Medical Coverage Granted, But Age Brings a New Problem EARLY MAMMOGRAMS SAVE THOUSANDS OF LIVES


According to Dr. Rodriguez insurance companies need to cover the mammograms but the mammograms under the age of 40 are counterproductive.

The Mammogram is not a good tool for the breast exam when it’s so young, it’s most difficult to penetrate with x ray and the breast.


The breast exam is a tool to help women detect this aggressive disease the women’s age seems to be the determining factor.


So there are technicalities of that so you are going to come out with a lot false positive exams


Governor Cuomo signed off on a policy to help women, unfortunately there are still issues finding the best way to save their lives


I’m Robert Bruin…, N-C-C News.

SYRCAUSE, N.Y. (NCC NEWS)-  )-  Forty is the age when women usually begin to monitor their bodies for cancer. Every case is not the same. Mammograms are mandatory if cancer is showing progression regardless of the age.

“When a mammogram is given to a woman under the age of 40, there is a high risk the test will be inaccurate because the breasts are young and dense” said Dr. Batholome Rodriguez, of a private practice in Bronx, NY. The ages 35-39 are a special group of women who are not ready for testing but are close.

“The evidence is not there to indicate that you are a safe life by doing routine mammograms between 35 to 39,” Dr. Rodriguez said.

Women who have a family history of breast cancer are likely to also have sonograms to check them for early warning signs.

This week New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed off on a large group of insurers to cover necessary medical mammograms for women 35 to 39.

According to Cuomo’s website:“We know that with cancer diagnoses, early detection is the best possible treatment. This administration has taken and will continue to take aggressive action to break down any barriers to breast cancer screenings for women across the state.”

Many women are victims of breast cancer; covering their medical examinations and needs is vital.



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