Memorial Day Flights Skyrocket; Syracuse Streets Stay Quiet While Memorial Day Flights Skyrocket, Syracuse Streets Stay Quiet

Syracuse traffic did not rear its head on Memorial Day.

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – The unofficial start of summer got off to a hot start up in the skies. Airports saw record-breaking numbers of fliers this weekend to enjoy the Memorial Day holiday.

The Transportation Security Association posted on the social platform X that their security screened nearly 3 million passengers throughout American airports on Friday. It broke the record for the most travelers checked in on a single day, signifying one of the busiest travel days in American history.

“We recommend arriving early,” the TSA wrote.

But on the ground in Syracuse, streets seemed silent in comparison. Interstate 81 moved smoothly, with no visible traffic late afternoon Monday. A Mirabito gas station near one of the highway’s entrance ramps was quiet, with just a few cars coming in and out.

Tim Rudd drove up to Syracuse from New Jersey last Thursday, and hasn’t experienced significant traffic at all in the city over the holiday weekend.


car in parking lot
It was a calm Memorial Day for this Mirabito Gas Station in the Syracuse area.
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“I’ll get stuck in the New York return traffic,” he said. “But it’s not bad in Syracuse.”

Travis Martin worked at this Mirabito for about a year. He’s seen firsthand how 81 brings more traffic to their strip, but said today wasn’t as backed up as usual.

“You know, it hasn’t been that crazy,” Martin said. “It’s probably the weather. It’s got a lot to do with it.”

Stormy weather Monday may have played a factor in Syracuse residents avoiding the roads.

No official numbers regarding the holiday traffic in New York state have been released yet.


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