Metered Parking to Go Up in Syracuse Metered Parking to Go Up in Syracuse

By Naiya Brooks SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — Be prepared to feed the meter an extra $.75 soon.

“It’s burdensome,” said longtime Syracuse resident John Jack Turo.

“This is to avoid raising property taxes,” said Rudd.

Syracuse Common Councilor Tim Rudd proposed to increase the parking rate from $1.25 to $2 starting on September 1.

“This is an alternative to increasing property taxes,” Rudd said. “This is a smart way to raise revenue.”

The change will make up for the $600,000 deficit that was created when the council agreed to lowered Mayor Ben Walsh’s proposed tax hike.

Turo said that residents are “overtaxed and over logged right now.”

In downtown Rochester, street parking is also $2. And Buffalo doubled their prices from $1 to $2 last year. The parking rate in Ithaca is $1.50. Parking in downtown Binghamton could run you anywhere in-between $.50 to $6.

“I see conflict here. I just don’t understand, you can go to the mall and park for free. Syracuse should have that,” said Turo. “Come downtown and you can park at the meters or even some of the garages open up, it’ll be healthier.”

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