Micron Holds First Open Town Hall in Clay Micron Holds First Open Town Hall in Clay

RYAN MCMAHON: But this is the beginning of the discussion.

ILANA EPSTEIN: Onondaga County executive Ryan McMahon made many things clear last evening. McMahon was joined by the Chief People Officer for Micron as they expressed their gratitude to the town of Clay, and say they want to build trust with the community, rather than just sell products. Local resident Richard Belotte feels confident about the plan improving the value of his home, among other things.

RICHARD BELOTTE: I don’t see anybody who won’t benefit from it.

EPSTEIN: While residents are excited about how Micron will help with education, jobs and poverty, others including longtime resident Chuck Swartfager have concerns.

CHUCK SWARTFAGER: We’re all aware that there’s traffic congestion on the route 31 route 11 corridor. It’s been a problem for over 20 years and the state has ignored it. And it’s just gonna get worse.

EPSTEIN: Swartfager also wonders how those 9 thousand new workers will get to work with all of the traffic. President Biden will be at the S-R-C arena on Thursday to address the new investment. Reporting live, I’m Ilana Epstein. N-C-C News.

CLAY, N.Y. (NCC News)— Local residents gathered at the Clay Town Hall in Clay, New York last Monday to hear about the new Micron deal happening at the White Pine Commerce Park. The park, which is just 20 minutes outside of Syracuse, will hold a unique facility and will be the most sustainable semi-conductor facility in the world.


The deal has already made major news as it is set to become a top chip manufacturing facility.

At the event was Onondaga County Executive Ryan McMahon, Chief People Officer of Micron April Arnzen, and other executives representing Chuck Schumer and other elected officials. Throughout the event, McMahon and Arnzen gave details about the multi-billion dollar deal and addressed many concerns that local residents had. Because this was the first open town hall where residents were able to hear about specifics, residents were given the opportunity to stand up, introduce themselves, and ask questions.

Most residents were thankful and spoke very highly of the deal saying that it will help with poverty and improve the value of their homes, among other things. While many people are excited about the deal, others are worried. Chuck Swartzfager shared that he has concerns about traffic.

“It’s been a problem for over 20 years and the state has ignored it. And it’s just gonna get worse,” said Swartzfager.

Construction  is set to begin in 2024, and the technology will be installed in 2026. The deal is set to bring in 40,000 supply chain jobs.

McMahon and Arnzen stressed that this would not be the first time they have these town halls. They want to become closer with the residents living in the area.

Arnzen ended the town hall by saying “We want to learn and partner with you…this is not a business deal, but it is a partnership.”

Biden is scheduled to come to Syracuse on Thursday afternoon to speak more about the Micron deal at Onondaga Community college.

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